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Full Restoration:

  • Installation of new 1.0 mailbox (matches existing style)
  • Clean and prime of post, bracket, and finial
  • Full unit repaint (application of high heat, protective enamel paints)
  • Address number restoration (includes clear coat application in order to withstand fading/tarnishing)
  • Any necessary hardware adjustments (i.e. tightening loose screws/hinges etc.)
  • Realignment (if necessary): straightening and leveling of post (set in concrete)

Total Cost: $195.00

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Full Restoration and Repair:

  • Any necessary repair work (welding if necessary)
  • Box replacement (matches existing style)
  • Full repaint of post, decorative bracket, and finial
  • Updated address numbers (HOA approved style)
  • Realignment: Straigtening and leveling of post (concrete if necessary
  • Professional installation

Total Cost: $225.00

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Please give us a call for any additional mailbox needs. 

  • Replacement boxes
  • Post realignment
  • Unit repaint
  • Repair work

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